?: Frank Gunn

Giving Jason Kapono $24 mil & my fave Mo Pete’s 24 was a slap in the face – not the Vince kind. I thought Michael Curry was the 3 for Kevin O’Neil’s defence & Pape Sow would be Ben Wallace 2.0. Rob Babcock stupidly drafted Rafael Araujo over Andre Iguodala – a VC/CB4/Andre core was right there… At 13, I knew VC was traded for nothing. MIKE JAMES! had a fun, green light season. Jalen Rose gave the people what we wanted, wearing all black as a funeral for his starting role. Donyell Marshall was streets ahead as a stretch big! TJ/Parker/Garbo/CB4/Rasho gave us 47 wins & Jose lead our original bench mob to success. TJ/Jose stabilized the 1 spot before TJ’s neck injury derailed his career & altered our dynamic. Jose selflessly offered to come off the bench when TJ healed. Garbo’s gruesome leg injury before the playoffs lead to the Nets intercepting Jose’s pass. Shawn Marion was acquired but his contract leaving the Heat lead to LeBron/Wade/Bosh. Hedo Turkoglu was heralded when we sign-and-traded The Matrix for him in a 4-team deal – Bryan Colangelo was creative, thought he was the messiah. Jarrett Jack & Chris Bosh were Georgia Tech roommates – CB4 was staying! CB4 injuring his face in DeMar’s rookie season lead to a must-win Bulls game for the playoffs & we had to rely on Primo Pasta & Ball – saw that live. Young gunz: DeMar/Sonny/Amir had next. Poached Masai Ujiri, brought him home. Game 7 Brooklyn, Paul Pierce blocked Kyle Lowry at the buzzer. Ran it back but with 6 man Lou Williams, got embarrassingly swept by the Wizards. Norman Powell’s superhero dunk in 1st round, Game 5 against the Pacers lead to Bismack Biyombo’s Herculean efforts in the East finals against LeBron. Got PJ Tucker & Serge Ibaka at the deadline, got swept by the Cavs. Had the best season in franchise history, supported by our bench mob: still swept by the Cavs. I was at LeBron’s demoralizing “fadeaway game” in Game 2. Dwane Casey fired. DeMar traded. Everything lead to a fun guy restoring his reputation. Board man gets parades. What it doooo baby!? Kyle got his gold ball. Get out the salami & cheese mama, the championship belongs to Toronto. ???